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Learn how to make cheap calls abroad

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International prefixes according to initial letter

Últimos reportes realizados Últimos reportes realizados

5149083506 louarn Quebec,Qc Hace 2 semanas

did not answer me when they called

0378613888 Fiqq Malaysia Hace 1 meses

hantu aeon kutip hutang

50683174051 mh Costa Rica Hace 2 meses

this is my number and is not spammy

0279637490 sydney rotorua Hace 4 meses

Rang and hung up when went to answer phone. Dodgyo

6172022343 Jason WA Hace 9 meses

Sent me a message saying that my order was ready at BurgerIM, no such order placed and haven't heard of that place before.

81345102539 joshua Kingston Hace 1 años

It is a dangerous number and I would probably stay away from this number because it's the phone number of MOMO

01252856744 Shirl Mytchett Hace 1 años

I missed the call so called it back it's not in service

0732256528 Ano Bus Hace 1 años

MasterBuilders phone number

08000150050 G walkdeen Devon Hace 1 años

Got this call from Lloyd?s bank security

01404214510 Not a chance Nottingham Hace 1 años

called me - tried to call it back - absolutley nothing, no ringtone or anything.... odd!!!

01480400494 Miss taylor Cambridgeshire Hace 1 años

My son getting phone call from this number who are they

7787464052 Paul Calgary Hace 1 años

Called and asked by name for me

7172964934 PBF NYC Hace 1 años

Received the exact same photo of the exact same person and the same details. Sent to different area codes in FL.

9252035632 Monica Us Hace 1 años

Fake irs scam call

60323322643 Nijam Sabah Hace 1 años

Ini nombor memang scammer.. buktinya dia da ambil duit dlm bank akaun sya nasib baik tak jadi sy bank in duit pagi tadi.. duit dlm akaun hnya tgglkn 30 rggit ja, scmmer kta dri takaful la dn sbgainya.. sy mula2 trust la ngam scmmer ni.. mmg x terlintas pun dlm fikirn yg diorang ni mmg scmmer..scmmer ni mgaku klu dia dri pegawai dri maybank .. pa yg diorng minta.. cukup dgan ic nombor blkng je (musthil pihak maybank minta dn musthil mereka tak tahu) dh blh ambil duit.. hebat ya.... cra diorng ni memaksa dh berkli2 ckap tak nak.. skli dh bgi.. skli buka ja maybnk2u dh hilng 20.. byngkn klu duit byk .. fuuhh mmg hbis kena kbas... Slpas tu cll maybank branch mnta kpastian.. phak maybnk kata.. tak de agent dri maybank call sya tuk register takaful ni.. dn biasa kna dtng face to face tuk turunkn tandatangan klu nk apply insurance.. Then cepat² la sy minta maybank secure bank sy ni.. lpas ni mcm takut pula sya nak bankin duit dgan maybank ni..? So.. pngjarannya berhati² la yee number ni.. sya dh kena dn harap tdak ada yg terkena lpas ni..

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