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Últimos reportes realizados Últimos reportes realizados

0286515063 Tim Newcastle Hace 4 dias

This number rang a football club asking for details of members

0478391004 Smithy Melbourne Hace 1 semanas

Possible scammers pretending to represent SES

08454609962 Bernie bournemouth dorset , UK Hace 2 semanas

to me it seems an unrecognised number and dont remember calling it, its appeired twice on my bill but still dont know who owns it but its cost money to call it. or answer it?

0413310282 Aman Darr Huginkiss Elizabeth Hace 2 semanas

Very helpful lad! I would highly recommend him for anything.

08001932027 mark UK Hace 2 semanas

THIS IS LEGIT I was suspicious at first because of the text left me and the voicemail. They arrange home delivery of medication from hospitals. My medication is a new not yet licensed product but available from University hospitals and they named the specific drug from my date of birth before I gave any other details.

0426221221 James Enquirer Hace 2 semanas

Harassing, making fake business bookings

0395162346 Joe VIC Hace 3 semanas

Not suspicious. Epworth Hospital in Melbourne.

0403335539 Susan McKoy Australia Hace 4 semanas

This is an honest hard working person who tried to stop a bully from bullying another person and now he's turned on the owner of this number. It belongs to a genuine honest person.

0420973987 Bruno Australia Hace 1 meses

Insurance. Very annoying.

3225887717 Giles Warsaw, Poland Hace 1 meses

They didnt call me they called my work without having that information given to them...

3138000027 Susan Michigan Hace 1 meses

I answered this once. They have called at least a dozen calls. They claim my son who is significantly intellectually disabled has an unpaid bill. I explained he does not incur bills on his own, and if he did he gets only SSI. He cannot be sued for his SSI. So do not call back. They continue to call.

0404482995 T Nsw Hace 1 meses

Asking for drugs and sex

62930535 Jo Singapore Hace 2 meses

Telling ppl they are from Courts and demand for a large sum of payment, acting like Ah Long talking to ppl rudely not listening to ppl problem but insist ppl to pay a large sum of amount even to the extend of threatening.

0385605479 Chelle Melbourne Hace 2 meses

This number is from a prisoner at Melbourne Assessment Prison

01707446300 Jas England Hace 2 meses

Apparently Howdens Joinery, Welham Green. Called while I was out and did not leave a message. Seems they haven?t heard about the new data protection regulations.

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